Friday, 14 October 2011

Diary Entry: There's a signpost up ahead. The next stop: The Twilight Zone

I wonder what it says about my generation that the first thing a girl like me does upon waking up in a strange place is to go right for the computer?

Did you ever see that old episode of The Twilight Zone where the couple wakes up in someone else's house after a party the previous night? Of course you have... er... of course I have? Really, who else is going to be reading my journal? Anyway, since writing keeps me sane, back on topic. So, this couple wakes up in this nice house in this nice neighborhood, only there are no people. They can hear church bells ringing, and, being Sunday, just assume everyone is there. Simpler time, I suppose. So they head on over there, and, surprise, it's empty. The whole thing is just like some kind of movie set because it turns out they were caught and placed in this intergalactic zoo.

What I woke up to is like they're trying to film some gritty reboot of that. House is alright, I suppose, graffiti all over the outside walls. It's obviously not the affluent part of town, more like where I grew up. I haven't found anyone yet. I have theories as to what that means, but at least half of them suggest that I, or the rest of this town, am/is dead.

I said up there that this computer is the first place I went. I wasn't lying, but I've explored a little since then. Honestly, there's not much to say. Take an inner-city area and just delete the people... and the animals... Computer is interesting though. It's a bit outdated, came complete with log-in instructions and an annoying proxy-blocker. I'd kill for an area-specific ad right about now.

I'll be testing my theories tonight. Write later

-Sinopa (apparently)


  1. If there are any ads specific to where you are I doubt you'd want to see them. You're in a lot of danger, I've discovered that those of you trapped there seem unable to see that there are other contributors to this blog. I would advise that you seek out Cipher, Hider, and Paragon. Something about the one listed only as A seems untrustworthy to me but I have no posts to judge them on. One other thing you should know about those trapped with you. Two of them seem to be from the past, Hider AKA Sam (short for Samantha) appears to be from the 1950's and Cypher, AKA Bruce from 1971. Paragon has yet to reveal his name but appears to be from my time. Which brings up a question. You say the computer is out of date. How out of date does it look to you and what year was it before you wound up here?

    One word of warning, beware the Shadows.

  2. Is this a test? I'm too tired for that. I know how blogs work, and they don't travel time.