Thursday, 13 October 2011

Day 1

I write this in the hopes that it may be found by another believer, or at the very least, that I turn out to be deluded and that someone will know my story. Or at least, what I believed my story to be. My name is Bruce Wright. I come from Santa Fe, New Mexico, the United States of America, Earth. I do not know where I am, but it is not of this world. I had been on a trip to New York City, where I had exited a building, and suddenly, found that every street was empty. Upon reentering the door, I found the interior of the building had been rearranged entirely. And similarly, everywhere within this "city" seems to change periodically. If this seems confusing, and believe me, it is, may I explain that I believe that this is the work of extraterrestrials. They seem to be performing a test on me, most likely to see how humans react to isolation. They have given me a strange device, with a pad of letters to type into a glowing screen. Exactly what goal in mind they have I do not know, but I will attempt to update this journal as frequently as possible. Until then, this is the end of this entry. I shall attempt to find my way through this tunnel system I am currently lost in.

- Bruce Wright


  1. A strange device???

    Most people would describe that as a computer.

    Bruce, what year do you think it is?

  2. It's 1971 of course. Why? What year do you think it is? And furthermore, who are you, and how are you responding to my entries? Are you one of the extraterrestrials?

  3. Look at the date below your response. Is this less believable than aliens? I'd suggest trying to find the other person who posted here, Paragon. As for how I'm responding . . . you're a few decades from me being able to explain very well. If you're familiar with ARPANET you're posting to something very similar but used by civilians.

  4. I see that date just fine, thank you very much, and it said 13 October 1971. And I don't see anyone else posting here, let alone any "Paragon" fellow. And you still haven't told me who you are.

  5. You believe in extraterrestrials?

    Hope you don't die. ☺