Friday, 21 October 2011

January 24, 1923

Today I awoke to find that my location had changed. my window now showed a different scene than it did yesterday. That strange and fascinating city of glass had been replaced with an alley, surrounded by walls of brick and mortar. Upon the walls were a variety of scratch marks, though from where they came, I do not know.

The day passed by slowly. I have found that I am strangely not hungry or thirsty. I remain confined to this room with little with which to pass the time, and I fear that these conditions are beginning to take their toll on me.

I spend most of my time thinking of Grace. I find myself thinking of my home in Georgia and the green pastures and forests that surround my town. Oh how I loved to play in those forests when I was a boy. I wonder what happened at my cousin's party? What happened when the guests and my cousin realized that I was unaccounted for?

There! Just now I blinked at the scene outside my window changed. I saw the pastures and the forest, and I saw some large black animal moving about through the trees, but I blinked again, and the alley returned.

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