Saturday, 22 October 2011

Diary Entry: I can't think of something witty

So, set out like I planned, reading that paper. Not all of it was in English, headlines, obituaries, most of the articles, etc. were unreadable. Some looked vaguely Asian, and I swear, I keep flipping past one that looks almost Cuneiform. Of course, I can't locate it now. In fact, as I write, the letters are getting fuzzy. I think it served it's purpose anyway.

I swear I just saw my handle in here somewhere.

Anyway, back to the plot. I could read a few advertisements. Library is having a puppet exhibit, The Book Garden recommends this week's best seller by some author I've never heard of,and I can get 15% off my bill at Fugue's Genuine Italian Restaurant. The only thing that's actually standing out to me is an ad for a theater, which is where I'm writing this. I've lost count of how long I've been here, the concession stand was stocked, so this place must be another of those "right choices".

My sister used to have an imaginary friend, and they used to have an imaginary TV show. And that's what's playing here, The Maggie and Adam Show.

Our mom was... well, that both me and my little sister were born somewhat normal is nothing short of God's own intervention. She drank fairly heavily while with Maggie, I was 18 at the time, pregnant with my first too. Nothing's weirder, by the way, than having a son as old as your sister. I was a crappy sibling anyway, rarely visited because of our Mom, who thought it would be simply hilarious to imply that my husband was Maggie's daddy too. He wasn't, and we had the blood test to prove it. Mom was probably at the height of her insanity. She accused her boss, several married male coworkers, the dean of the university I went to, and God knows who else too. She got fired, naturally, and decided to home school Maggie. So, no dad, no chance of meeting anyone her own age unless she was at my house, and a sister trying to raise her own toddlers. No wonder she took in with someone who wasn't there.

I mean, someone who was there. Someone who was always there.

Okay, so the show usually goes like this, Maggie is sitting in her room, looking at her closet, or dancing for the camera, or just being adorable. Sometimes she looks right at you and grins. Honestly, if that was it, it would be kind of cute, you know? I miss Maggie. Anyway, after you've settled in to watch whatever it is she's doing, she twirls to the closet and loudly announces "And the other star! Adam!" or something like that.

I can't even begin to explain what Maggie calls Adam. Trying to look at him is like trying to taste a sound. Look, I've been without people for... who knows how long. I never really felt it until right now though. It's worse because I need to put this into words that I do not have.

I wonder how long I've been in here? I need to get away from this. It's starting to get overwhelming.

Door's locked, guess I'm not done.


  1. Well, I guess the Maggie and Adam show is better than Candle Cove. Maybe.

  2. Wait, did she ever say what channel her "imaginary" show was on?

  3. No. It's mom's camera (there's a series of dead pixels I recognize) and it's shot in her room. It was on the TV page too in my paper, but I can't find that section right now. Candle Cove was freaking annoying. They've been showing ads between shows, and that's one of them. I hated that she'd just take the TV to watch nothing. Seeing it now, I can see how screwed up her imagination was.

  4. Sinopa, can you see any white writing on your post?


  5. Ahh, Door. I see you found my other posts. Yes, hmm... I don't remember this place so well anymore.