Thursday, 27 October 2011


Still here. Yup... still... here... Show ended a while ago. Was not a good ending. It was a feed of Maddie staring at the wall of her room-cell-thing at Happy Acre. Looks like it was shot with some sort of security cam. Are they allowed to have those in the rooms? Adam was there, just staring with her as he got bigger and bigger, then he began to chant.
I couldn't get a lot of it, it creeped me out, but it was something like:

Empty city, it's calling your name
Something something...
'Til you've forgotten your name, where the streets are lined with pain
But I can't stay away
something something...

I don't know. It seemed important at the time. It's a loop now of some war footage. Really gruesome stuff. Every once in a while it flashes something. I've watched it enough to have caught it all, which is kind of why I decided to write again. I couldn't figure out why I was seeing Maggie's show. Aside from Adam, it was a nice little distraction from whatever is going on in here. That probably should have been my first clue, you know? Limbo isn't about entertainment, it's about preparing one's spirit to enter Heaven, like, blasphemous as this is, showering before entering a pool.

I already know I was a bad sister, I acknowledged that and the show ended shortly afterwards. Ads didn't, but those are just kind of weird. Now this, all these people dying throughout the ages. That's weird, and disturbing, but had nothing really to do with me. I was never a soldier, I never killed. Never even hit a cat with my car. Anyway, rambling. It helps calm me down though. Anyway, the title card doesn't last long. I could never be 100% sure what it said. This last time, everything slowed down. Like, way down. Have you ever watched a man die in slow motion? I was in tears before the first segment ended. Now, the title's sort of stuck on the screen, though the audio's still going, all slowed down and everything.


I don't know what to make of that. I don't want to be in here anymore. I wonder if food is popping at my base whenever I upload? I wonder if I'll ever figure this all out and move on? I wond

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