Sunday, 16 October 2011

Diary Entry: I need out.

Ahh, hello again. I had sort of hoped to never see this room again.

It's not a fluke, then, there really are no people at all. There are signs of human life, stores and the like, but no actual people. I have explored further, hoping for some way back home, but all I found indicates to me that there will be no escape.

For one thing, I'm here again.

I set off in one direction, making a mark with a bit of rock to indicate where I had come from when I reached an alleyway or something. After walking what was probably half a day, I went to automatically make a mark, only to find one already there. I looked up, and the walls around me were littered with scratches. I don't know how, but I backed up into a door that wound up being the same one I left this morning. It wasn't me that made all those. I don't think it was. My rock was worn down a lot, but not that much. Or maybe it was me. Maybe some part of me is still out there, looking for a way out? It makes as much sense as anything else. I'm exhausted now, and starving. There was food yesterday afternoon, then a little snack later in the day. Doesn't seem to be the case today though. Today being a relative term itself, it seems. These clocks are terribly unreliable, every time I choose one to follow, it seems to speed up or slow down.

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