Wednesday, 19 October 2011

In which a picture is worth a thousand words

I found a camera today. It was waiting on my doorstep. At least, I assume it's a camera. It takes pictures; however, similar to the typewriter I'm using now, the pictures appear on a small screen instead of an actual piece of paper. If I hadn't already been in this city for several days, I would be fairly impressed.

I have taken a picture of what's outside my window right now. The streets have changed again and I want to see if taking a picture will preserve it. Will the picture itself change when the street does? Let's find out.

I followed the instructions on how to upload it - it was fairly simple. I'm surprised I could even take this picture. I assumed this city was like a vampire, no reflection in mirrors, won't show up in photos. I thought the image might turn out distorted or degraded, but it isn't.

And yet I can't help feeling that there is something about this image that isn't right. Or maybe I am simply paranoid.

Sam Norton

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  1. Lights.

    They make me smile.

    (I am trapped in a city of my own. :/)