Thursday, 20 October 2011

Day 8

I have finally made my way out of the tunnel system. When I exited it, I found the large expanse of this city portion of the Testing Area. It was dark when I emerged, and the lights from the windows in these grand buildings seemed to be constantly blinking. But I did not assume that they were blinking because someone was actually in them, but rather that they were blinking on their own. I believe this because they were all blinking in a similarly uniform fashion, having one light turn off, then turning off and the one above turning on, and so on until it reached the top of the building, and then it moved to the right, and down, and to the left. This continued for the whole night, on every building. Then it turned to day, and while the light is harder to see now in the light of the sun, it is still faintly visible. I dare not enter any of these buildings.

-Bruce Wright

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