Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Diary Entry: Skinner Boxes

It's remarkably easy to train people. Think of almost any computer game, a lot seem to be based, given a sufficient stretch, on task->reward. You do something, something good happens, or something bad stops happening, likewise, if you do something bad, bad things happen, or good things stop happening. Whenever I post, I get food to survive. I see now how clear that was, even replying to the "comment" from proxiehunter lead to some small snack. I think now it is just a random jumble, something about time periods or something ending in a question, to make me post something. I did mention something about a proxy blocker, so even the name makes sense.

Honestly, I don't like being manipulated like this, but I'm hungry again, so here's another entry. I'm still pretty sure I'm dead, and being tested somehow to determine if I can ascend. I never thought about it, but people in Limbo would still probably be subjected to their earthy needs, it's not Heaven, after all. I'm going to pack up this computer, what clothes I can find, and try setting out again.

Right, okay, that must be the right choice, because as I typed that, I heard something fall into the mailbox. No one was there, of course, the walls were still all marked up, but now there's only one path. In the box was a newspaper. Going to pack it and read as I walk.

I just hope... Yeah, we'll leave it at that. Going to hope.

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