Saturday, 17 December 2011

In which I have a revelation

I was inside my room trying to sleep, when I realized what had happened. A had broken my connection to the world and what was I doing? I was hiding. I was hiding like they said I was.

So I stood up and opened the door and I walked outside. The roads were wavy and they all led to an intersection where there was this little garden and A was waiting for me.

"Come out to play?" they said. Their face was uncovered and it looked old and scarred. "Do you believe in me yet?"

"Believe in what?" I asked. "You are you, as you said. I don't believe that you're a god. I believe...that you exist."

"Good enough," they said.

"Why is it so important," I asked, "that I believe in you?"

"I'm going to face a monster soon," they said. "A monster who exists because people believe it exists. I'm going to kill it because in this place, I exist like it does."

"A monster?" I said. "You brought me here just to help kill a monster?"

And then A said something that shook me. "I didn't bring you here." They looked around and then said, "I've gotta go. Got some people to meet before the big day." They turned and walked away. "See you soon."

And so I followed them. I'm following them right now. Either they don't know I'm behind them or the city is somehow keeping me hidden, I don't know. But I'm going to continue following them until I see who they meet and how they leave.

And then I won't be hiding any longer.

Sam Norton


  1. So the lunatic is trying to kill Slenderman, or something like It. A sentiment I can get behind but the tactics he she or it is using to get the job done are abhorrent. The fact that A didn't bring you and others to that hell hole (if they can be believed on that subject) doesn't make it's treatment of you all any better. It's good that you haven't begun A as they want you to. Stay strong. Don't give in to them.

  2. I would have never even began to think of going up against this sort of 'monster' like that. And although it could end horribly, that's the best strategy I've heard of so far.

    Good luck on you're escape.