Sunday, 20 November 2011


I woke up to find myself back in the room. This time, I walked around the room.

Much like the ones before it, there are two doors in this room; the one through which I entered (which was now closed) and the one with the key, through which I was to leave. The safe was the same as the others, of course; it would be the same, too. I stopped, and paused. I reached into my pocket, and removed the two keys I already had.

This wasn't some video game; the keys didn't break when I used them. I inserted the first into the lock, turn; no result. The second, the same. I sighed, and put them both back into my pocket. I then realised that there was no table in this room, which was a new change-up to the structure, I guess. I then stopped, and wondered about the door through which I entered. Surely, that one would still be open? I tried it, and found that it was locked. Looking through the slit on the side of the door nearest the handle, I saw nothing; no light. Perhaps it was dark outside?

Some mental note caused me to look around the room, to wonder where the light was; I saw a light-bulb in the ceiling, emitting a constant stream of light. I looked up at it, and wondered where the power was coming from. Then again, logically speaking, electricity would work, as this very device does...

And it was when I looked down from the light that I saw the puzzle-holding note, underneath my pillow. I walked over it, and my heart dived into my neck. Something was scratching at the locked door. Scritch, scritch, scritch. And then, a hesitant knock. Knock. Knock. And then it stopped. I remained frozen in place for several moments, before my goosebumps settled. I silently removed the paper from the bed, examining it.

Imagine that you are trapped in a room without doors, without windows, without any possibly ways to escape. How do you get out? -#010, T=3D

When I finished reading, I suddenly heard a voice from the other side of the locked door, as the scritching returned. "Let me in. Please, let me in." The voice was totally alien to me, and it was all I could do to swallow my racing heart and quell the goosebumps rising on my neck.

I've typed this as quietly as I can. I think it's gone now. Then again, I thought that before. I'm totally lost on this puzzle, by the way. Hm.


  1. If you dream you are falling, how do you keep from hitting the ground?

    See you around

  2. I'd say make your own exit by breaking through the walls or something but it does say without any possible ways to escape. I don't.

  3. Tell you what, I'm going to assume that the three days began when you entered the room, not when you saw the riddle, and that your time is up sometime tomarrow.

    The answer is "Stop imagining."

    It's more a joke than a riddle; semantics, semantics, semantics, never ignore the wording.

    See you around

  4. As the above commenter said, it was the paper that put the idea into your head that there was no possible way to escape. Destroying the paper, therefore ruling out the idea that there is no way to escape and it will be easy to think of or imagine a way in order to escape or just be somewhere else. The room itself seems to be the illusion.