Tuesday, 15 November 2011


After my last comment, I keyed in the answer I had derived into the box: "SOS". If one looks at the sentence structure that emerges from adding the punctuation into the question, the first letter of each bracketed sequence of letters is just that; it seemed to fit the question, too. The box gave out a loud beep as I put the last character into it; there was the sound of a tumbler moving within it, as the door of the box opened.

Or, should I say, the door of the safe. And within the safe was one thing: a single key. I removed the key, and looked around the room; I noted the keyhole on the door closest to the safe, and inserted the key. A single turn, and I heard the lock open. I opened the door and saw a room similar to the one I was in; another safe, another door. On the table was a slab of pork, with the steam rising from it; newly cooked, apparently. The smell instantly pulled me towards it; I was struck by a sudden thought, and turned back into the room I had left, and gathered up my few belongings, before entering the new room and closing the door behind me.

With that, I looked around the room; practically identical to the previous one, apart from the food and a bed. Ah, how good it is to see a proper bed...

I laid my few things upon it, before devouring the food with the ravenous hunger I find myself filled with. And with that done, I turned to the sheet of paper. This time, instead of a sheet of paper as blank as the walls, there were words written upon it in the same scrawl as the first note I had; the note I found upon arriving here.

I am whole. Remove one thing from me, and I am less; another, and another. And yet, no matter how much you remove from me, I remain what I am. What am I? - #002

So this is the second puzzle, is it? I think I can solve this on my own; there's no fancy codes or anything of that sort. But I think that I will sleep now, so that I can approach it free of the ills of tiredness. This bed is so... comfortable. Ah...


  1. My first thought was a hole, but that doesn't seem right. After all, a hole would become more and more the more you removed from it, not less and less.

  2. I seem to recall someone posting something about being interested in the infinite or something like that recently so everything or infinity could be possible I guess. I'm not so great with words so sorry if this means nothing.

  3. I tried "infinite" and "everything", and it gives out a harsh buzzer sound and doesn't open, sorry.

    I'm pretty sure I'll get the answer in a bit. It's reminding me of something... wish I could access other websites.

  4. Ah sorry then. I wish you the best of luck with this one. I find it helpful to get my mind off of what I'm thinking of for a while before trying to remember again. If you concentrate too hard it can be harder to find.

  5. Got it.

    The answer was "heap".